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Getting Your Message To The Masses

I Write Good Copy is a Copywriting Service aimed at helping business owners like you to gain greater market penetration. 

Chances are you have read my words many times in the past.

I’m a copywriter who has been behind the scenes for many years supporting many of Australia’s most well known Entrepreneurs.

I've discovered that if there are people searching for what you offer, you just have to be visible and speak to what they are thinking about. 

By using an inspiring blend of persuasive, informative and entertaining writing in a conversational tone, I help you build market engagement with buyers who want to connect with you.

Gary Hobley


Cost Effective Value

I know you want to spend your marketing dollars with the greatest efficiency you can find, because lets face it... a dollar wasted is a dollar lost.

So lets look at a common urban myth about branding (because this is where many business owners get off track). 

Your BRAND...

...I'm going to just come straight out and say it...

It's not about BRAND... It's about Experience!

And experience falls into three sub categories... Knowledge, Presence and Quality.

If you know your stuff, fully engage when you deliver it and bring a product or service of the highest quality, you are assured of giving the client a good experience.

Think of it as the X Factor.

Granted, a BRAND has these values underpinning it... but without the Experience, the BRAND remains unknown.

Look, Marketing is not a natural passtime for most business owners. They treat it like a necessary evil, outsourcing it to their best friend's niece, little Mary who enjoys social media.

Now I know that's not you... but the thing is, what you don't monitor, you can't manage.

And maximum bang for your buck only comes through people who are accountable for the results. You really don't want to trust that to just anyone.

Up until now you've probably had some good success, but you know you could be smashing it if you could just reach a larger portion of your marketplace.

If you want an alternative view from a seasoned copywriter who has put words in the mouth of some of this countries most successful entrepreneurs, lets have a no obligation chat.


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